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This web based family tree is provided for the families that are related to Garland and Jeanette Hall. 
If you see any information that is incorrect, please use the Request form and submit the corrections by e-mail to me.  

Click on a name that is highlighted in blue or green to view that person's family tree.  

If you want to search for a name but do not know where the person is in the family tree, use the "Search for:" function.  Click on the box to the right of the words and type a name.  You may type any part of the persons name.  Example.  Garland  would find all of the pages that Garland  is located on.  If you typed more than one name, all of the pages that contain either of the names would be displayed.  Example:  Ralph and Garland.  When you are ready to search the family tree for your names) just click on the "Start Search"  button.   When the page names have been displayed you can click on the desired page to retrieve that page.

You can get more information on your screen if you increase the screen size.  I recommend setting the size as high as you can read the characters.

Each web page has a family name.  You can add any or all of the pages to your Windows favorites list by selecting the "Add to my favorites" button.  This will give you a quick way to start a new search the next time you want to view the family tree. Use the scroll buttons to view any page that is larger than your screen size  You will notice that most names are underlined.  This means you can click on that name and the web page for that family will be displayed.  I have made every attempt I could to provide forward and backward selections.  If you find a name that you can not view, please use the Request form and let me know which name is giving you a problem.  Your browser buttons can also be used to view previous pages that have been seen in this session. 

If you have a change or addition please click here for the Request form and enter the information.  

I would like to have pictures of each person in the family tree.  I know this would be helpful for the younger children.  Many of them may never see some members of our family.  If you want to  e-mail a picture, attach it to your message.  Please try and tell me who is in the picture and when it was taken.  ghall@garlandhall.com is my e-mail address.  If you want to mail me any material that has names, birthdays, marriages, pictures, etc. please mail it to: 
        Garland Hall
        662 Westover Dr
        Bassett. Va. 24055
I will return all items you wish returned.

All of the information gather for our family tree has been collected from family, friends and public data sources.  If you do not want some or all of the  information concerning you presented, please contact me and I will honor your request.  If you want to add more to any family tree represented here, please contact me.

If you know of a web site that has an existing part of our family tree please send me the web address and I will place a link it.  Make sure the site owner has given you permission.    You may give this site (www.garlandhall.com) to anyone that wants to link to our site.

The collection and creation of this web site has given me many hours of happiness and sadness.  As I entered the names of my family who have passed on to their rewards, I realize just how many families I have been associated with.  

The information in this site is for the sole purpose to provide information to the family members of this family tree and shall not be used in other anyway without my written permission.