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History of Union Church
Previous generations of the INGRAM family
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Lehi Ingram                                 Born: Apr 24, 1888  died Nov 21, 1973
        Father: Alexander Ingram    Born: Oct 13, 1825 Died: Aug 13, 1907
        Mother: Serepta L. Turner   Born: Sep 1, 1858 Died: Oct 15, 1952
            Wife: Dora Ann Young                 Born: Jun 27,1884  Died: Mar 9, 1971
Father: James Madison Young Born Mar 26 1851 Died Oct 2 1911
Mother: Martha Texas Turner Born 6 Oct 1849  Died 14 Apr 1906. 
                                Father:  William D. Young
Mother: Tarmesia Shelton 
                    Children:  M I. James William Young
Born 6 May 1870  Died 29 Jan 1929
                                      Emma Alva Young
Married  Edward Quinessbury
                                      Thomas "Tommy" Meshach Young
                                      Charles Lee Young
                                      Nanny Tarmesia Young
Married : Turner Ingram
                                      Cora Bett Young
                                      John Bunyan Young 
Born 1882
                                      Dora Ann Young
Married: Lehi Ingram
                                      Fanny Young
                                      Maude Young
                                      DeWitt Talmadge Young
                                      Andrew Herbert Young
Married Corabelle Ingram
Children: Robert L. Young
                                                                  Harry W. Young
                                                                   H. Kenneth Young
                                                                   Hazel Young
                                                                   Louise Hurt
                                                                   Nancy Young
                                                                   Ruby Young
Born: 1932 Died: Dec 13, 2017  Married: Paul Jenkins
                                                                              Children:  Steven P. Jenkins
                                                                                                Janet L. Jenkins
Sterling Gray Ingram   Born: Sep 7, 1911      Died: Feb 14 2002
Clyde Jones   Died: Aug 17 1989
Betty Jane Ingram   Born: Nov 8, 1940

Herbert Gale Ingram  Born: Jan 24, 1915    Died: Dec 31, 1970  Was not married

Archie Lee Ingram  Born: Apr 12, 1917 Died Sep 24, 2006 
Vera Elmer Shively
         Children: Jeanette Ann Ingram  Born: Feb 25, 1943
            John Newton Ingram   Born: Aug 9, 1949

Elbyrne Lloyd Ingram   Born: Oct 13, 1922     Died:  
Louise Mountcastle      Born: Aug 16, 1935 Died: Mar 16, 2009
Lloyd  Ingram   Married Beulah
Leon Ingram  Married Susan