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Family Tree  
Garland and Jeanette Hall 
Hall Family and Chitwood Family
Ingram Family and Shively Family

Chitwood Reunion pictures 2019

History of Union Church
Previous generations of the INGRAM family

Ingram Reunion pictures


 Chitwood Reunion pictures

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This  family tree is family members related to Garland and Jeanette Hall.   Click on a family name above to start your search.  If you want to search for a name but do not know where the person is in the family tree, click here "Search for:" a name function. 

Please send me any information you have on anyone related to our extended family. 
Please email pictures.  If you have a developed picture that you what to share with me then mail it
.  I will return the picture when I have included it in the family tree.

 If you see any information that is incorrect, please send any corrections by e-mail to me. 

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy looking at the past with your family.
Garland Hall

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One Day of the Week
I look into the eyes of you,
I see the things you don't want me to,
The things that you try to hide,
But don't you know I look deep inside,
Because I see through the games you play
When you go to church on Sunday.
You put on your mask and think it’s alright
To be a Christian one day of the week.
God looks into the heart of you,
He sees your life, it’s black as night.
But if you ask Him inside,
You will find that he will
wash you sins clean and white,
he's not here to condemn you
He just wants to let you know
That if you choose to follow Him
He'll never let you go.

But it’s not right to be a Christian
just one day of the week.
By: Brian Hall Oct 2000



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